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Lake Edge Resort Newsletter - May 2024

In this issue

  • 2024 Annual General Meeting Update

  • From the Boardroom

  • Resort Roundup


The Second AGM for Lake Edge Resort Limited was held on Saturday 4th of May. Thanks to those shareholders/owners who were able to attend the meeting. We also received a significant number of postal votes and proxies prior to the meeting.

The confirmed minutes of the 2023 AGM have been posted on the Lake Edge website under the AGM tab (click here to view). The unconfirmed minutes of this year’s AGM are also posted on the website (click here). You will see that both sets of minutes include a Certificate of Duty which details the voting on each resolution. While the Companies Act (1993) requires this for postal voting, it was resolved at this year’s meeting to include all voting in this certificate.

If any owners who attended the AGM see any errors and/or omissions in the 2024 unconfirmed minutes they are welcome to contact Karryn Raikes at Any changes will be updated on the minutes posted on the website prior to them being included in the 2025 AGM Information Pack.

Next year’s Annual General Meeting for Lake Edge Resort Limited is scheduled to be held on Saturday 17th of May 2025. This date will be confirmed in early 2025.


The election at the AGM for the two board positions resulted in Wayne Keats and Donald (Don) Boddie being returned, meaning the membership of the Board remains unchanged for the next year. Thanks to David Curtis for putting his name forward. As was advised at the AGM, all board members are aware of the need to develop a succession plan to encourage shareholders with the requisite skills to join the Board to ensure the governance of the company can meet the challenges of the future. We look forward to sharing this plan with you prior to the next AGM for your approval.

The board focus during the next year is on the refurbishment/upgrade programme plus several marketing initiatives that will be presented to all owners once they have been finalized.

The planning involves considering the feedback received from the second survey for 2024 regarding apartments and facilities. The responses have given the board a clear perspective on what you as owners feel should be done. Headline results can be found on the owners’ survey page on the Lake Edge website (click here to view). The main take-aways were the ensuite bathrooms and the swimming pool rocks.

The Board has agreed to convert six of the ensuite bathrooms to walk in showers by removing the bath. The first conversion will take place later this year. The vanities with cracked handbasins will also be replaced as will several of the toilets.

With over 70% of respondents saying yes to removing the rocks around the pool the Board has agreed to engage experts to advise on the feasibility of this. It was felt better to get your thoughts on this before spending any money on reports as they will involve geotechnical reports due to potential ground instability beneath the pool. The primary concern is to ensure the pool is not damaged. Once we have the reports we will update you on this project.

The Board also wish to convey on your behalf a vote of thanks to Candice, Karryn, Aubrey and all the staff for all they do in maintaining the high standard of the property.

Finally, we would like to recognize the achievement Kate Haines in being selected as a rower for the Paris Olympic Games later this year. Kate is the granddaughter of (the late) David and Lizzie Panckhurst. David was a member of the Lake Edge Body Corp committee for many years. On behalf of all owners, congratulations Kate.


Wifi Upgrade

The new high speed internet upgrade has now been completed in apartments 8 to 12, the owners lounge and games room. The remainder of the resort will go live by mid-June. All apartments now have hard wired internet access points in the lounge and master bedroom providing high sped coverage on both floors.

With our unlimited fiber plan this means that everyone staying at the resort should be able to access all internet services without drop off in speed due to too many users on at the same time. It also means you should be able to log on to your own streaming services. We will replace the current TV’s with Smart TV’s as and when required.

Bikes And Other Valuables

Thefts have become an epidemic, not only in major cities, but also in Taupō. In order to combat this we built the four bike sheds to provide secure storage and as a result we saw a dramatic reduction in thefts around the resort. Unfortunately we had an instance recently where a young person left a bike unattended outside the resort office. It was gone in less that ten minutes. We have also had resort equipment stolen from the front of the roadside apartments during Friday cleaning.

Please ensure that you do not leave any items unattended and that your front doors are locked.


The new BBQ’s have been well used over the summer and the cleaning regime was unfortunately not up to our usual high standard. As a result they have required a lot of effort to get them clean. We have also purchased BBQ covers to ensure they are protected from the weather, especially during the winter.

If you are using your BBQ regularly during the week we suggest you fold the cover and store it in the locker. Please give the BBQ a quick clean after use and in particular, oil the hotplate.

If you do not use the BBQ during your stay, please note this on the Welcome Booklet page you return to the office when departing. Thank you for your assistance.

New Locks & Keys

As a result of an insurance claim against a lost master key which necessitated replacing all the locks throughout the resort, we took the opportunity to have new front door locks installed. The front door lock now uses a fob to unlock the door.

When you arrive you will be given a set of keys with one key and a fob. The second set will just be the fob to open the front door.

The key unlocks the ranch slider in the lounge room, the cupboard on the deck of your apartment, the owner’s lounge and games room, the lakeside bike and kayak shed and the BBQ bottle refill shed down by the container and rubbish area.

Replacing a lost fob is easier and will be able to be done without calling out the locksmith. However there is still a $75 charge for any lost keys and/or fobs.

Booking Weeks

2024 is filling up fast so if you have not booked your week yet you will need to act soon. Check out the Lake Edge website to make a booking or email us at


You are always welcome to discuss any matters with Board Members and the Resort Admin Team. Contact details are:

Board of Directors

Rick Martin - Chairperson

Email: Phone: 0275 659 222 -Taupo

Don Boddie

Email: Phone: 0274 944 551 - Cromwell

Clinton Green

Email: Phone: 0294 520 698 - Napier

Wayne Keats

Email: Phone: 0274 434 812 - Wellington

Marjorie Symonds

Email: Phone: 021 161 95 25 - Auckland

John Wilson

Email: Phone: 0274 491 220 - Wellington

Lake Edge Resort Office

275 Lake Terrace Taupo 3330 – P O Box 35 Taupo 3351

Tel: +64 7 3784981 – Email:


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